Two Inches Thick!

Click here and look at this picture.

It’s a photograph of a man standing by his car. I first heard about him back in 2004, and we started working together straight away. Since then, he’s been the ‘brains’ behind some our most successful systems. The file of testimonials from customers is over two inches thick!

And now he’s back with something which has been strictly ‘off limits’ for over two years now. Not only is it back, but it’s just had a massive update and overhaul…and had a razor taken to the price.

If you want to get in on this, you’ll need to act quickly. We’ve only ever allowed 100 people to sneak under the wire on this at any one time. There have been none for over two years. These places will go in a matter of hours.

That’s all for now. Get in on this today, while it’s still available.


£750 Profit In 3 Weeks!


Here are some recent customer comments we have on file here at Streetwise…

“Your system works really well – £480 profit first month.”

“Thanks for the system. Already had success with it and am absolutely thrilled”

“About £300 up in total.”

“Thanks again with my plea for help yesterday. Had my first win – £135”

“Used the system successfully and finished with several hundred pounds in my pocket.”

“I have made £750 profit using £10 per point stakes in 3 weeks. Best system I have used to date by a long way.”

“….a perfect result. Thanks again.”

“Paper traded this system for 3 months and it made a profit of over 60 points in that time with no losing runs.”

“…doubled my betting bank of £500 to just over £1,100.”

“With a £200 betting bank I made £496 over a 10 month period.”

“It returned 50% profit. That is, for ever £100 staked we got £150 back.”

To find out what they are all talking about CLICK HERE.

Heating Tips & Tactics

The Heating Helpline at is offering some money-saving tips.

If you have less than 10cm of insulation in your loft you’ll be wasting energy. Top the insulation up to 27cm and you could save around £150 a year.

Since the 1930s, most houses have been built with an air cavity between two outer walls. If you get this gap filled with insulating foam you could save well over £150 on your heating bills.

Floorboards lose a lot of heat – insulation seal between the gaps can save you about £25 per year.

Insulate your hot water cylinder. Fitting a jacket at least 75mm thick costs very little and you could save more than £50 each year. Lagging all your hot water pipes could also save you over £25 a year.

Badly fitted doors and windows mean avoidable heat loss. Draught-proofing doors and windows by sealing gaps will help you save energy.

Unused fireplaces are one of the biggest causes of lost heat. If you’re not using your chimney but don’t want to board it up try a chimney balloon – they’re easy to inflate and last for years.

There is a free helpline at 0800 810 8303 or you can go to

Service To Your Door

I admit it, I’m lazy, and one of the things I really hate is having to travel for any kind of service. So I can really appreciate the thinking behind, an American website that helps the consumer find service providers which will come to them.

The site catalogues all manner of service providers with just one thing in common – they don’t expect you to travel to their premises; they come to you. It doesn’t just list the obvious things like hairdressers. There are masseurs, lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, travel agents, tutors, pet services, hypnotherapy, counselling, and car servicing….take a look at the site for a full list.

I’m not sure whether anything like this exists in the UK, but it strikes me as an interesting way to differentiate a website providing access to services used by the public. Speaking as someone who would be very happy if they never had to visit a service provided ever again, I can see this being a huge success.

This Could Be App-Ealing

You don’t have to go back too far (perhaps 2 years) to a time where hardly anyone knew what an app was, but now they’re everywhere. Did you ever wonder where they all come from? Well surprisingly, a lot of them come from ordinary folk with an idea, and now, thanks to a new invention from Google, creating your own apps has become even easier.

App Inventor for Android has been created so that anyone can develop their own smart phone apps. Android is the second largest app source (after Apple) with well in excess of 100,000 apps available. I haven’t tried it myself (not really my thing) but those that have tell me that although it’s easier to use than alternatives like Java, you’ll need a fair amount of time and patience to get it right. It could be worth it though. The best selling apps are downloaded by over a million users. Fifty pence from each of those wouldn’t be bad, now would it?

For further information just tap ‘App Inventor’ into Google.

Student Accommodation Update

New research by CBRE reveals that a record £2 billion was invested in UK student accommodation in the first three quarters of 2012; that is a rise of 145 per cent on the same period in 2011. There is a growing trend for investors to look outside of London; more than 50 per cent of the total investment in 2012 has been in the regions.

Jo Winchester at CBRE says, ‘Total returns remain a key driver for investors as they flock towards the impressive returns given by student accommodation for a second year in a row. Our data shows that student accommodation is outperforming other asset classes by some margin, as it has brought 9.6 per cent returns in the year to September 2012. This compares to 5.4 per cent for all offices and 2.2 per cent for all retail in the year to August 2012.’ Is it time you looked at student accommodation investing; drop us a line if you are interested.  

Shaving Lessons

There are many things I need help with, but until today, I didn’t consider that shaving might be one of them. London based high end grooming shop Geo F Trumper clearly disagree and now run classes in how to shave properly.

The company say that customer demand led them to create classes run by a professional barber who show clients the best way to shave for their own skin type. I’m not sure whether that’s true, but it certainly seems a great way to get people enthusiastic about what is a chore for most. And more importantly, it’s a great way to get them interested in obtaining the best tools for the job – which Geo F Trumper happen to sell!

Might this be something that works in your market? Are there classes you could run which would help?

Customers get the best from your product?, and might they be more inclined to spend more money with you if they had renewed enthusiasm for, and satisfaction from, what you sell as a result?

Wombling Free

In the spirit of bringing you everything and anything that may make you some money, allow me to introduce you to ‘wombling’. Apparently this works very well, but I’d be disappointed if you couldn’t find a more interesting use for your time. Anyway, here goes.

The first thing you need to do is go to your local Asda or Tesco supermarket and find a bin. Look through the bin and dig out as many receipts as you can (I can sense your excitement growing!). Take the receipts home and log on to the supermarkets price check websites., and enter the product codes to see whether the same items are available cheaper at the competitive supermarket. Both Asda and Tesco offer price guarantees, promising to refund the difference in price if the product is being sold cheaper elsewhere. This is usually paid in vouchers.

Tesco pays double the difference in vouchers if a basket of goods you buy there is cheaper at Asda. Asda pays the difference plus 1p if a basket there is not at least 10% cheaper than the nearest rival out of Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

Apparently both Asda and Tesco accept that this is completely legal, and seem pretty relaxed about it all. Hardly surprising really. Even if you’re not a customer, all they’ve given you is vouchers to spend in the store. While you’re there, you’re highly likely to spend the vouchers and a great deal more, meaning any profit they lost from handing out the vouchers is more than recouped

The Fat Bank

I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve said “only in America”, only to see an idea thriving on these shores soon after. With that in mind, I bring you The Fat Bank.

Picture the scene; you’ve just had your liposuction and sitting (looking pretty gruesome) in a jar alongside you, is the fat they’ve just sucked out of your flabby midriff. You might be thinking that it needs flushing down the drain…but no! What you should be doing with it is depositing it in the Fat Bank so that when your face starts to sag in ten years time, you can withdraw it and have it pumped into your wrinkles. Well believe it or not, that’s what’s happening in California.

How long before the first fat bank is started here? I don’t know, but whoever does it will get a huge slug of  free publicity to get things moving. Perhaps something to think about for someone with the right background and contacts.