Service To Your Door

I admit it, I’m lazy, and one of the things I really hate is having to travel for any kind of service. So I can really appreciate the thinking behind, an American website that helps the consumer find service providers which will come to them.

The site catalogues all manner of service providers with just one thing in common – they don’t expect you to travel to their premises; they come to you. It doesn’t just list the obvious things like hairdressers. There are masseurs, lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, travel agents, tutors, pet services, hypnotherapy, counselling, and car servicing….take a look at the site for a full list.

I’m not sure whether anything like this exists in the UK, but it strikes me as an interesting way to differentiate a website providing access to services used by the public. Speaking as someone who would be very happy if they never had to visit a service provided ever again, I can see this being a huge success.

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