Post And Packing Poser

If you sell goods by mail or online, you face the tricky question of how you handle the issue of who pays for postage and packing. A recent survey by research company ComScore may help you to make a decision.

ComScore found that over half of online sales came with free shipping in 2012, and that consumers were coming to expect it as part of the deal. Over 60% of consumers said they would consider cancelling an order if they didn’t get free post and packing. It seems like that ‘plus £3 p&p is off putting and may be losing sales. This was in America, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar here in the UK.

Now I’m sure you’re switched on enough to realise that there’s no such thing as free post and packing. It’s simply a case of how it’s dealt with. The ComScore research would suggest that you will make more money by including post and packaging in the price quoted, rather than highlighting it as a separate item. As with all things like this though, it’s something you really need to test out in your own business.

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