Citizen Shipper

Texas based Citizen Shipper has been described as the eBay of the interstate. The company match products that need delivering, with road trucks and drivers who have spare capacity and are heading in the right direction. The company has grown to over 38,000 customers in four years and recently expanded into Canada. It’s a win-win situation for all concerned. Delivery drivers get to make some additional income and the customers are able to ship items which are too bulky, large or ‘lively’ for traditional freight carriers. Apparently pets are one of the most commonly shipped items!

The company uses an auction system on its site so truckers can bid on jobs. An added advantage of the service is that it’s eco-friendly given that it cuts down on the number of road journeys. These trucks are already making the journey, remember.  The obvious question is whether this could work in the UK. I don’t see why not. I’m sure there’s a massive amount of spare capacity to be exploited, not least on return journeys.

I can’t pretend this would be an easy business to set up and run but the rewards could be huge if you pull it off.

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