Drugs Warning

A friend of mine has had some issues with drugs being grown in one of his properties and, on that subject, we’ve been sent a clipping from a local newspaper about a related incident. ‘The drug farmers tore holes in walls to set up a ventilation system, and damaged ceilings, floors and the staircase to install complex electrical wiring. The ground floor of the flat, which was being used as a living area, was left untidy and dirty.’

The local police are quoted as offering some advice, ‘People renting out properties need to be more vigilant. What tends to happen is that when landlords get their rent on time every month, they don’t check on the house.
We are also finding that in the homes where drug farms have been found, the rent has been paid upfront.’

‘If that happens, landlords should be suspicious. It might be good for them in the short term to have a year’s rent in their bank account, but if the property is being used as a drug farm, there will be greater costs in the long run. In most cases the landlord has no idea what is going on in their property, and doesn’t find out until the lease comes to an end or we find a farm inside. Regular checks on the home should be part of any rental contract.’ Sensible stuff.

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