Mix ‘n Match Marketing

Mix ‘n Match Marketing

Australian company Childsplay Marketing has come up with an interesting ‘low-tech’ idea for helping companies come up with new marketing campaigns. It consists of three packs of cards. The first pack is made up of target audiences, the second is made up of different offers and the third deck comprises the various possible communication devices. So by selecting a card from each deck, you have a unique idea comprising, offer, audience and method of reaching them.
There are 50 cards in each pack, so that’s potentially 125,000 different ideas.

I mention it for a couple of reasons. Firstly it seems like a good way to come up with marketing ideas. If you can’t get hold of the packs, you could make your own home made version. And secondly, it’s an idea with spin off potential. You could create packs like this to assist with decision making in a wide range of fields. Might there be a market for them in the area you’re currently working in?

US – More Positives

The latest (Q4 2012) Zillow Negative Equity Report suggests that the number of mortgaged home-owners in negative equity in the US is at 27.5 per cent; down from 31.1 per cent a year ago.

The Zillow Negative Equity Forecast predicts the negative equity rate will fall further to 25.5 per cent or lower by Q4 2012; taking a further one million home-owners into positive territory.

‘As home values continue to rise and more home-owners are pulled out of negative equity in 2013, the positive effects on the housing market will be numerous. Freed from negative equity, home-owners will have more flexibility, and some will likely choose to list their home for sale, helping to ease inventory constraints and moderating sometimes dramatic, demand driven price increases in some markets.’