Never Miss Gift

So you don’t have children, but your friends or relatives do. You have to buy them Christmas and birthday presents, but what do you buy. It’s difficult knowing what’s appropriate, and that’s where NeverMissGift comes in.

Site users register and then and answer a few questions about the child they’re buying for, including age, gender and their budget. Any number of children can be added to a user’s profile, and NeverMissGift sends an email shortly before a birthday or special occasion comes up. The company recommends its top gifts matching the child’s profile and customers who are happy with the selection don’t have to do anything – the gift is automatically sent to them or the intended recipient. The company also offer personalised wrapping for those choosing to send the gift straight to the child.

This is a US based service. Could the same service work here in the UK? I see no reason why not. Thinking more widely, could there be a gap in the market for  a service designed to solve other gift buying problems – men buying for their wives or girlfriends for example? Something to think about.

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