Something For The British

Sometimes the difference between a generic product and one targeted at a specific group can be the title. In nonfiction publishing, it’s pretty widely acceptable that the title is responsible for much of a books success. Here’s an idea that capitalise on that. It’s a range of books…for the British.

Once you have that concept in your head, possible titles immediately present themselves. Baseball for the British, Bollywood For The British, Haggling For The British, New York For The British.  The connecting factor is that each book is about something with which the British may not be familiar, or may have a unique take on.

This is just one manifestation of the concept of course. It could just as easily be for another nationality (For Americans) for people from a region (For Yorkshiremen) for people from an occupational group (For Teachers) or for a particular demographic (For Pensioners). The key is that by focussing in on a particular group, you can turn general information into something which people in that group feel is specifically for them.

I’ll leave you to think how you might use this idea.

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