Lessons In Table Manners

If you’ve had a meal ruined by the behaviour of children (either yours or someone else’s) then you’ll appreciate the need for a service created by The Kensington Hotel in London. The hotel are offering dining etiquette classes to 5-10 year olds which include, correct posture, cutlery handling, saying please and thank you and the do’s and don’ts of all dining situations from sandwiches and cakes to a full blown formal meal.

Now you might feel all of this is the parents job, but you only have to dine out a few times to realise that they’re just not doing it!. The hotel launched the service after surveying 2,000 parents and discovering that 48 per cent were embarrassed by their children’s table manners, and that 19 per cent have had to leave a restaurant due to their kids’ bad behaviour. Worrying about how their offspring will behave in restaurants is apparently the biggest cause of stress for 28 per cent of parents.

It sounds like there’s both a need and demand for this, and how hard can it be? Needless to say, one hotel in London can’t possibly cope with the potential demand for this. Every town and city in the UK could be the basis for a profitable enterprise in this field.

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