Party Equipment Rental

I really like rental businesses. You get to make money from what you own – and keep it! But what can you base a rental business on? There are many possibilities, but the key criteria is usually something which people need and use rarely. Party equipment falls into that category.

Things like canopies, tables, chairs, and large quantities of crockery and cutlery can be expensive to buy and troublesome to store when you’re only going to use them for special occasions.  Renting makes a great deal of sense for the customer. From the business side it makes sense too. These things needn’t cost a fortune if you buy carefully and in bulk, and can often be rented out for a sizeable percentage of the cost – again and again and again.

So what will you need to start a party equipment rental business? Just two things really – somewhere to store your stock and a means to deliver and pick up from your customers. If you have those two things – and a little capital to get started – you can be up and running very quickly.

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