Streetwise Property Alert 29th August 2013

Our most popular UK introductions at present are – by far – the JV and P2B offerings (which include a due diligence meeting with me). Do have a look. Overseas-wise, the Brazil social housing and the Chicago social housing are the most popular by some way. Seminars are coming. Email for full details. Other popular introductions are as follows…

Student Accommodation, Yorkshire, England
Built and fully operational!
Operating at 100 per cent occupancy.
10 per cent returns guaranteed for years one and two.
Luxury twin apartments at £64,495.
Luxury duplex apartments at £74,495.

Family Resort & Hotel, Hungary
This project has now broken ground, a viewing platform has been constructed on site and regular site visits are taking place.If you would like to join me in a visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The current deals? A double room – £89,950 with 50 per cent developer finance – is available, offering a 10 per cent return for 10 years.

There is also a family suite – £140,000.00 with 50 per cent developer finance – available. Again, 10 per cent return for 10 years!

UK Commercial Investment
Store pods.
20 locations across the UK.
Invest from just £2,250.
Initial guaranteed returns of 8 per cent.
Projected returns of 10 to 12 per cent.
Buyback after 5 years if required.

West Texas Crude Oil
Invest from $15k.
Set purchase price on 7 year contract.
Current selling price $101.18/barrel.
Purchase price from only $15 per barrel.
Fully managed hands off investment.
Two investment options: sell and take the profit or re-invest.

Student Accommodation, North-East England
From £55,000.
35 per cent non-status finance available.
Finance at fixed 3 per cent rate.
Fully managed by top student management company.
Fully furnished.
Huge student demand here!

Hotel, Gran Canaria

This is a family run hotel and is fully operational and is proving very popular. The last update we’ve had is that Hotel Nogal is running at 100 per cent occupancy.

Site visits are available for this project so please contact us for more information.

Current deal? The most popular is a 13th fraction – £28,000 – with a 10 per cent fixed return for two years.

And what’s coming up? UK-wise we have some off-plan apartments in Liverpool plus a new care home. (Those of you on the reserve list for the Manchester care home sellout will get first choice here). Overseas, we have two luxury model homes on a new resort in Orlando; if you are interested, you can join me on a visit. We also have more BTL deals from Detroit, Cleveland and Memphis. Something for everyone… 

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