Make Money From Your Photo’s

Photo sharing app Instagram has grown rapidly in popularity over the past 12 months.  SnapMyAd is a new app that earns Instagram users rewards for letting brands use their photo’s in ad campaigns.

Users sign into the service with their Instagram account details. They can then select the images they would be happy to be used by third parties who may be able to use them to sell their product.  Instagram users often include products in their photographs, essentially acting as promotion for those products. Through SnapMyAd, companies can set up promotion campaigns to collect these images. Photographs that are selected or receive a high number of likes from fans are then rewarded with perks and discounts from that brand or company

SnapMyAd gives Instagram users the opportunity to make money from their photo’s. Perhaps if you have an Instagram account, you can make money this way, or the idea might be a springboard to something else. What other social media content could be marketed for profit?

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