Amazon Secrets Revealed!

Believe it or not, its 15 years since Amazon was launched. In that time, the company has offered literally millions of products, but out of all of them, which have been the best sellers? Interestingly, the company recently released a list of their top ten best sellers. Here it is in alphabetical order:

–  Call of Duty franchise.

–  Fifty Shades Trilogy.

– Harry Potter books.

–  HDMI gold plated connectors.

–  Hunger Games Trilogy.

–  Just Dance franchise (Wii).

–  Kindle devices.

–  Millennium Trilogy (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo etc).

–  Sandisk 8 GB Memory Card.

– Twilight saga.

So what insight can we take from this list? Well the key to making serious money in publishing (whether it be books, games or films) is to create a related series of products to sell to people who enjoy the first one.  It’s no coincidence that many of the highest grossing products here are parts of a series, franchise or trilogy. The greatest sales and profits are usually to be had through repeat business and that’s certainly backed up by this list.

If you have developed a product, always give thought to how you can multiply your profits by creating or sourcing another related item to sell to the people who bought the first one. The big profits rarely go to a ‘one hit wonder’.

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