Compare The Coffin

This is another of those things that I thought might be a joke, but apparently is real! The premise behind the business may have wider applications.

It’s fairly clear that people are not in the most rational frame of mind when they have to choose a coffin. Not only that, it’s not something they (fortunately) have to do very often. As a result, they don’t really know anything about the market, and there’s a widely held belief that some funeral directors take advantage of the situation. Compare the coffin enables people to either choose a coffin in advance of  needing it, or choose one at a discounted price and have it delivered to their funeral director.

I’m not sure how successful the business is, but it caused me to wonder what other specialist markets might benefit from the same treatment? Do you know of any other irregular/infrequent purchases people make, where consumers might be short on information and overpay as a result. If so, there could be an opportunity there.

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