Selling Your Invention

So you’ve created a new product, but now you face a problem – how do you go about selling it? Getting a product into retail stores is far from easy, and can be risky if the product doesn’t take off. Marketing direct to consumers is another approach which has its advantages, but writing effective sales copy isn’t something that everyone can do. One alternative is to sell via a catalogue.

Catalogue owners need new products to sell and are therefore open to approaches from inventors. It’s easy to find catalogues that are a fit with your product, and the owners won’t care that you are a small operation or even a one product company. They will usually create an advertisement for your product and bear all the cost and risk of the promotion. All you need do as the product owner is sit back and wait for the orders to come in.

The downside is that you can expect some pretty tight profit margins, but it may be a price worth paying for the simplicity and risk free nature of this kind of deal.

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