The Laundry Princess

I’m sure you’ve probably heard successful people saying they were once so poor that their mother had to take in laundry. Well people are still taking in laundry, and why not? Where there’s a job which someone doesn’t want to do for themselves, there’s a business opportunity.

Allison Plant is a young mother who runs Laundry Princess, a home based laundry service. There’s not a lot to say really. She takes in laundry from local people which is either then picked up or dropped off at a time to suit. The business allows Allison to spend time with her growing family, and to work when it suits.

This is hardly the most glamorous business in the world but it’s one where there is a steady and ongoing demand. Might it work in your area? I can see no reason why not. If you have a reliable washing machine, you’re in business.

I can even see an opportunity for someone to start this business and then sub-contract all the washing work to third parties. I was going to say that you’d clean up, but that would be a particularly awful joke, even by my very low standards.

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