Eat A Bug

I’m A Celebrity is on our screens again, and the show wouldn’t be complete without a celebrity (and I use the term loosely) munching their way through some bugs and insects. It was a novelty when the show first hit the screens, but maybe not for much longer.

World Entomophagy is one of a growing number of insect suppliers that promote bugs as food.  It’s a U.S company and interest is growing there. “In the past three years, interest in eating bugs has surged,” says David George Gordon, a chef and author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook. The number of U.S. chefs cooking insects has “probably tripled in the past five years,” he says, and new suppliers selling bugs primarily for human consumption, rather than as food for pet fish and reptiles, have popped up in the last two years.

Bugs are a valuable source of nutrition, and I would expect this trend to grow over the next few years as more people wake up to the possibilities. Could you be at the forefront of a bug farming revolution in the UK?

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