How To Increase Tips

Have you ever seen a ‘tip collection box’ on the counter of a café or restaurant? There’s little motivation to put anything in there, but an idea I saw recently from the US, could change all that.

On the counter of the restaurant are two tip boxes, and above the boxes is an opportunity to ‘vote’. Which do you prefer….Android or Apple…Harry Potter or Twilight…X Factor or Strictly? The question changes every day. If you prefer Apple, you vote by putting your tip in the Apple box. If you prefer Android….well you get the idea.

Why does this work? Well it’s what direct marketers  call an involvement device. It engages customers in a fun process by voting…with their cash! Not only that, it makes an assumption of ‘giving’. The decision becomes  which box to put the tip in rather than whether to give a tip at all. I think sales people call this an alternative close…Do you want a red one or a green one…shall we deliver today or tomorrow?

Not everyone will ‘fall for this’ of course, but it increases the level of tips dramatically. Is there some way you could use this idea in your business? I know that I’ll be thinking about it.

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