Weight Loss In A Bottle?

Myriad fortunes have been made on the back of the seemingly impossible quest to lose weight.  Amidst the fad diets, motivational books and exercise gadgets, we just saw something new – slimming perfume!

Prends-moi is the worlds first slimming fragrance, developed by French perfume house Robertet. The makers claim the fragrance is designed to ‘slim with pleasure’ and is based on ‘aromatherapeutic’ and ‘neurocosmetic’ research.  It contains ingredients which release B-endorphins present in the skin and a ‘pleasure message’ is transmitted through the brain triggering a sensation of well being and an increase in contentment reducing the need to over-eat.

Sounds suspiciously like a pile of completely different smelly stuff to me, but what do I know?  It might work, and if there’s room for one slimming fragrance in the market, why not look into developing another one?

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