Learning From Google

Google haven’t done too badly over the past 15 years or so – are we agreed on that? Then it makes sense that we can all learn something from the way they operate…something we can use in our own businesses and enterprises.

The people at Google realised something important fairly early – it’s virtually impossible  to predict which products or services will take off and fly, and which will crash and burn fairly quickly. And so they don’t waste time perfecting an idea before launching it on the market. Teams are urged to launch quickly, perfect what’s working based on feedback from users, and drop the losers fast. It’s an approach that can be a little stressful from a customer service point of view (lots of people using products which aren’t properly developed) but as a vehicle for getting things done fast, it takes some beating.

One of the huge mistakes I see people making all the time, is perfecting an offering before even finding out whether enough people want it. Far better to have an imperfect product which everyone wants than a perfect one without a market.

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