New John Harrison Blog This Morning

John Harrison has added a new blog post this morning which you can reach by clicking here 3 groups of people will enjoy this one I think…

1. Anyone interested in the beautiful game.
2. Anyone who enjoys a laugh at someone else’s expense.
3. Anyone who wants to know the most vital skill anyone can learn – bar none.

That’s probably everyone then!

Subscriptions Strike Again!

You might be getting bored by our repeatedly drawing your attention  to new subscription based businesses, but I hope not.  Subscription based businesses provide regular repeat income, and as such, are always worth looking at.

The latest thing we’ve seem is Soma – a water carafe that comes with biodegradable filters by subscription, delivered direct to the customers door. The great thing about this is not the initial sale, but the fact that customers will need new filters for as long as they use the carafe.

Too many people go into business underestimating the value of regular repeat business. It turns a ‘one-hit-wonder’ into a source of income that can be relied upon for months and years to come.