Streetwise Property Alert 19th December 2013

Our friends, MAP, at, offer some timely tips to protect your property this winter…

On a regular basis, clean out your gutters removing any leaves and debris in order that any ice, melting snow or rain can flow freely.

Make sure downpipes are in good repair. This will aid with the correct flow of rain water.

To avoid burst pipes, insulate any exterior pipes with insulation sleeves.

Fix any small cracks in masonry. This will keep water from getting in between the bricks, expanding as it freezes and causing larger cracks.

Check pipes for small cracks and any small leaks and have them repaired to avoid leaks.

Service your heating system and chimneys at least once a year to prevent fire and smoke damage.

Heavy rain, snow or storms can cause weak trees or branches to break and fall, which may damage your home or cause injury to people, by trimming trees and removing dead branches before the winter sets in this will minimise the risk.

Are you in a flood risk area? If so, move any treasured possessions or important documents to a higher level.

Ensure the air bricks to the ground floor of your property are free from obstruction and that there is an adequate flow of air. This will reduce the risk of serious rot and damp beneath the timbers.

Have a specialist check any large trees near your property to avoid the risk of root damage to your property foundations.

A useful checklist from MPA at

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