Superior Swimwear

Successful businesses often have their birth in a personal problem. So it was with Manchester student Alex Dixon when she was looking for swimwear for her own curvy figure. There simply weren’t the attractive designs which were available to those with smaller sized breasts.

With the help of a £2,500 government loan Alex set up Beach Bacchanal, which allows customers to have a hand in designing their own swimwear through online liaison. The key benefit is that the brand brings the styles which are normally only available for slimmer figures, to a wider audience with a D cup or above.

I don’t know much about women’s swimwear but I do know that mainstream clothing manufacturers seem to focus on a pretty narrow band of body shapes with what they offer, and that many people who fall outside of the ‘norm’ are left short changed.  Swimwear is just one area of clothing where this type of opportunity exists.

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