Shirts That Fit!

One of the subjects I can rant on at will (of which there are many!) is the sizing of shirts. It’s just so difficult to get one to fit properly, and it’s not hard to see why. We’re all different shapes and sizes and the mainstream manufacturers do little more than give you the small/medium/large sizing options. A New Jersey based company is tackling the problem.

Stantt has gathered data about the differing shapes of mens’ bodies using 3D modelling in order to develop a system for easily creating clothing that fits, to order.  Stantt customers simply enter in their chest, waist and sleeve length and the company will automatically pick the best shirt shape and size out of a range of 50 in order to best suit their needs.  Threadmason is another company that is challenging the generic sizing of men’s clothing. Using the same three measurements, the New York-based company has created 24 sizes that offer varying lengths and cuts for the torso and sleeves for T shirts.

These are two US based companies. I’m not sure whether a similar service exists here in the UK, but the problem certainly does. Consumers are increasingly demanding more choice, and there are profits to be made for those who deliver it.

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