Norwegian Nappies

Imagine travelling several hundred miles, with a ferry journey thrown in for good measure…just to buy nappies. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, and yet that’s just what entrepreneurial Poles and Lithuanians are doing,  who see half-priced diapers are too good a business opportunity to pass up.

As I’m sure you know, supermarkets often use loss-leaders to entice customers into their stores. For reasons I don’t fully understand, (perhaps young parents are a big target market) cut-price nappies have become the preferred lure in parts of Norway. It’s set off something of a price war, which would be great news for Norwegian parents if they could actually find nappies in stock, but they can’t. Prices are so low that  Poles and Lithuanians, have started trekking to Norway for the sole purpose of buying up every last nappy they can find. I’m assuming they then take them back home and sell them at a profit.

I’m sure opportunities come up like this all the time – and not just across International borders. Local shops and Supermarket have cut price, time-sensitive offers to bring in customers, which aren’t available in other areas. Every time that happens, there’s a profit opportunity. Buy the product in one area, and resell it in another for less money than it’s available for in that area.  Simple, but not that easy.

The trick is to be on the spot to take up the offers, and  you’ll not always be able to do that. This probably isn’t something for a regular income then, but something to keep in the back of your mind for when the opportunity presents itself.  And once you’re alert to the possibility, the opportunities will present themselves all the more regularly.

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