The Scoville Scale is what determines the spiciness of a pepper. A Jalapeño starts at 3,500 Scovilles and a Habanero starts at 100,000 Scovilles. I just read about a vodka that rates 100,000 Scovilles on the tasting scale which must be almost undrinkable. It’s easy to see why they made it though.

People are intrigued by extremes. They want to experience the biggest roller coaster, the fastest car, the hottest curry, the tallest building and yes….even the spiciest Vodka. It might not be a great experience but it’s something to tick off the list.

So here’s a question for you – is there anything in what you offer that you could attach an extreme label to like this? Or could you create an extreme version of what you do? I’ll leave you to think about it, while I do some work on the worlds most expensive book!

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