Streetwise Property Alert 5th March 2014

Most of what we do here property-wise is done behind-the-scenes. Opportunities, small get-togethers, visits to sites etc – all are done without the free members knowing about it. That’s because we want to deliver the savviest members exactly what they want!

Take the recent example of a UK JV which was introduced to just 24 members. Here are the key facts…

A small development site of just 11 units.

£50,000 in.

12 to 15 month build-time.

50-50 profit share.

Estimated returns of some 28 per cent.

First refusal on investing in next project.

Of course, there’s lots more to it than that. Fact is, I’ve never seen so much clear and transparent documentation from a team that is as open and as detailed as I have ever met. In less than two weeks, nine members – each putting in £50,000 – have been taking up their places and we expect all of them to be through the system in the next week.

We will soon be repeating the process…

But we don’t want everyone to know about it!

You do, and here’s your chance…

If you might be interested in investing in the next UK JV, and have – this is very important – £50,000 to invest, drop me a line. We’ll then have a brief exchange of emails and hopefully add you to the waiting list for next time. It will then go quiet for a little while and we will – just as soon as we have another deal that’s not far off as promising as the first one (which really looks quite exceptional) – we’ll be in touch.

Reply now. Don’t miss out. As one of my colleagues said when one of the original 24 told us he did not have the funds to invest in this first JV, ‘A shame….this has been so popular…he’ll live to regret that.’ Make sure you don’t. Email today. Once we have the names of 24 serious investors with £50,000 each, we will close the list…

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