What To Sell Online

If you’re keen to start an online business, you could d a lot worse than focus on the areas where customers spend the most money online already. The  second largest category (after books)  is clothing and footwear. Footwear is particularly interesting.

While Amazon has a firm grasp on the book market,  the footwear market is far more fragmented with no company having a dominant market share. It’s a market with dozens of niches and sub-niches, so there are opportunities for anyone with an idea for a unique or innovative product line. Some niche ideas you might consider include sandals, sports shoes, shoes for a specific activity, slippers, flip flops,  slip-on shoes, washable shoes or vintage shoes

This isn’t the easiest type of business to start, but it’s one with a ready-made, proven market. What’s more, it’s one with huge upside potential. Get it right, and you could very easily find your business in line for takeover by one of the big players keen to get a foothold (no pun intended) in your niche.

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