You’re Never Too Old

Last week I received a note with an order for my latest book. The gentleman who sent it started out by saying he thought he was probably one of our oldest customers. At first I thought he meant he’d been buying from us for a long time, (we have been around for almost 25 years after all)  but that wasn’t it.

His name is Spephen Hobday, he’s 97 years old…and he’s still running a growing business. Stephen’s business, Maltron Ltd, market a range of ergonomically designed specialist computer keyboards for people with both injuries and disabilities. In Stephen’s own words, “I can’t stop learning.”

I don’t know about you, but I find it both inspiring and uplifting  that someone at that age is not only still making  a valuable contribution, but also keen to develop and learn more. So many people give up at not much more than half of Stephen’s age. What a shame, when there’s so much more they could do.

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