How to Publish Your Book Online

There are many ways to publish your book online. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to one of the easiest:

1. Create an account on It’s owned by Amazon. If you have any question you hit a button that says “Call Me” and within 30 seconds they have a customer representative calling your phone.

2.  Download a Microsoft Word template they provide  The template is similar to those used by any publisher when they format your book.

3. Make a  cover. Createspace has over a million options when you combined their templates with images, fonts, etc.

4. Save as a PDF and upload it. Let them pick an ISBN number.

5. Choose a price.  $7.95. is the minimum price if you want them to distribute it to bookstores, libraries, etc along with Amazon. You’ll get about a $2 royalty per book at that price. But if you choose a price of $20 then you would get about a $14 royalty. Much higher than any publisher will ever give you.

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