Pain Free Puncture

One of the worst things about cycling is punctures. If you’re going on a ride of any distance you need to take spare inner tubes, tyre levers, a pump and a spanner. To change the tube, you have to remove the wheel from the bike and then the Tyre from the rim to get to the tube. The best case scenario is that you get delayed and covered in oil. The worst is that you botch up the whole thing and have to walk home. I was therefore interested to hear about an alternative solution that is about to be launched in the USA.

Patchnride is a tool with a nib at one end and a cartridge containing patching material. To mend a flat, you simply pump the patching material  into the hole via the nib,  and then inflate the tyre. The method is said to take about 60 seconds and doesn’t require removal of the wheel from the bike.

I have no idea how effective this is, but there’s a video here. If it works as well as described, demand could be huge. Cycling is undergoing a boom at the moment, and the new ‘converts’ in particular, don’t like getting their hands dirty. Perhaps the company are looking for UK or European distribution. Something to investigate?

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