Portable Golf Clubs

If  you’ve ever seen someone lugging a set of golf clubs through an airport or watched as they try to manoeuvre them into a small car, you’ll know that they’re not the most portable of things. A typical set contains 14 clubs which all look pretty similar to the untrained eye. When I used to play, I often wondered why nobody had developed a set of clubs with inter-changeable heads, thereby reducing the load. Well a company in the USA has just done something very similar.

The company, DV8,  have created a set of clubs comprising two multi-purpose shafts with interchangeable heads. Apparently the heads take just a couple of seconds to change over. A set of 14 club heads and two shafts fit into the custom-built DV8 kit bag, which is worn as a backpack. As well as fitting easily in any car, the clubs can be carried on a bike, motor bike or as cabin luggage on an aircraft

There are two things to take from this I think:

1. Might the company be interested in UK distribution or representation?

2.  Thinking more widely, are there other types of sports equipment that could be redesigned to improve portability?

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