Streets Paved With Gold

He thought “the streets were paved with gold” is a well worn phrase to describe a naïve individual going to the big city for the first time, but there might actually be some truth in it.

New Yorker Raffi Stepanian makes a living on  the midtown 47th Street with a pair of tweezers. It’s the diamond district and hidden in the cracks of pavements are tiny pieces of diamond, gold, platinum, broken chains and other bits and pieces which have been dropped and can be ‘mined’ for profit.

So if there’s a jewellery quarter in your town, perhaps there’s a source of extra income for you. But even if there isn’t, there’s a lesson here  – many industries have waste  or ‘fall out’ which is insignificant to companies, but could be worth a great deal  when combined by an individual.

What’s “falling between the cracks” near you?

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