Travel For The Unemployed

The unemployed are not the most obvious group to target travel offers towards, but maybe that’s short-sighted.  What they do have is plenty of time, and not everyone lives from hand to mouth.

US based  JetBlue’s Promise Program allowed  passengers who lose their jobs after booking their flights to cancel and refund their seats, despite the carrier’s well-known ‘no-cancellation’ policy. And since then, other tourism operators including cruises, hoteliers and touring products have also  launched offers for the job insecure and jobless.

Norwegian Cruise Lines offered free travel insurance to cover unemployment, Elite Island Resorts offered to trade‘ worthless’ Wall Street stocks for a stay at their resort, and even drastically reduced ski-passes at Lake Tahoe were offered recently to  those who could prove their unemployed status.

The key factor here seems to be time. Unemployed people have it in abundance Is this a fact you can use? Might there be a win-win offer you could make to the unemployed whereby they get to experience your service or facilities  at a reduced rate, and you get to fill some spare capacity? There may be applications to this beyond tourism, and  the leisure industry has obvious potential.

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