British Export To China

We’re all familiar with Chinese imports, but less so with stuff we export to China. One of the most interesting is people – or butlers to be precise.

It seems that the wealthy Chinese are enthusiastic about the idea of having an English butler. The Guild Of English Butlers is seeing a boom in demand and has trained 20% more butlers this year than last. Demand is outstripping supply with trainees being placed as soon as their training is complete. Much of the new demand is coming from China.

If you’ve reached a crossroads in your life or career and fancy something a little different, this could be worth a look. It’s clearly not something that would suit everyone, but you’ll know if it appeals to you.

Thinking more widely, how can you cash in on the growing demand in China for things western – and British in particular? Fire up the imagination of just a tiny proportion of the population and you have a huge market.

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