Information Publishing

Information publishing is one of the most heavily promoted ways to make some extra money, and yet many people aren’t really clear on what it is.  Put simply, an information product is any piece of knowledge that has been recorded in some way – whether that be in a printed format, an audio format, or a video format – so that it can now be passed on to others. There are dozens of ways to package and sell information. Some of the most common products are, printed books and e-books, booklets and special reports, manuals and workbooks, CDs,  downloadable audio files,  DVDs, newsletters, subscription-based web sites, workshops and seminars.

All of us have information or knowledge that would be useful to others, and packaging and marketing it in the right way can be highly lucrative. If you have an idea for an information product,  and want a second opinion on it, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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