Hoodwinked By Hindsight

I don’t have a specific opportunity today, but it’s probably more important. As you stand here today, it’s easy to look back into the not too distant past and see how ‘easy’ it was to make money – when the internet was in its infancy or the smartphone revolution was just getting under way for example. It’s much harder to succeed now isn’t it, than it was in the good old days?

Well guess what? In the not too distant future, these will be the good old days when making money was as easy as falling off a log. The path to doing it will be plain to see with the benefit of hindsight, just as the path to doing it 10 years ago, or so, is plain to see today through the same hindsight.

The opportunities are every bit as plentiful today as they’ve ever been – maybe more so. Don’t allow hindsight to fool you into thinking anything else.

More Taxi Tactics

You might remember that a few weeks ago  we brought you the story of Baltic Taxi’s who had created a USP for themselves by kitting some of their cars out with bike racks to either pick up cyclists who had a ‘breakdown’ or transport bikes to service and repair facilities. Well the same company aren’t resting on their laurels, and have a new idea. They’ve now started adding child safety seats to some of their cars as standard.

Anyone with young children will be very aware of the need for safety seats which allow the child to be strapped into a car securely. It’s relatively simple when it’s your own car, but if you’re getting a taxi, not quite so straightforward. You either have to transport your own seat, or bolster the child up with cushions, coats or anything else available, which is hardly satisfactory.  If you have children and need to take a taxi, then Baltic Taxis is going to be first on your list.

The company are likely to get a lot of new business by taking account of the needs of parents, and that isn’t just of interest to people who have taxi companies. You see,  considerations relating to children play a huge part in many purchase decisions. Many a car salesman has cursed a child whose boredom has caused him to lose a sale. Many other product and service sales are lost because the product isn’t ‘child friendly’ or the service can’t be carried out in a way that fits in with child commitments.

Is this something that affects your business?  What are you going to do about it? How can you ‘child proof’ your business?