Free PR and Marketing

Entrepreneurs have it so much easier in this century than the last one, and that was never more true than in the world of PR…or free publicity and advertising  to you and me. There are so many free tools available now, to help you get your name and product  out to a worldwide  audience, and then monitor the results. Here are some of the free tools  you can use  to promote your business online, and monitor the results:

1.    Open a Facebook  account
2.    Open a Twitter Account
3.    Open a Linkedin account
4.    Sign up to Hootsuite
5.    Sign up to Google alerts
6.    Sign up to Haro and Reporter Connection
7.    Visit Mashable,  Quora and Media Bistro forums
8.    Sign up for Google analytics
9.    Open an Instagram account

You can do all of this is just a couple of hours without spending any money. The fact that you can do all of this so easily and for free would astonish any previous generation, so if you haven’t done it – why not?

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