Make How To Videos

When I got stuck recently , trying to remove the bracelet on a watch, I went on to Youtube and quickly found several videos demonstrating how to do it. Some were awful, but the best was pretty good and had attracted several thousand views. Now this was a fairly obscure thing to be looking for, and yet several thousand people had done the same thing – and all those people would have something in common – they owned the same watch.

That’s the nature of online instructional videos – they attract audiences who share a problem, possessions or an enthusiasm. In other words, they’re a ready made audience for what you or someone else has to sell.

If you have a skill or expertise (and as I’ve just shown that can be as mundane as knowing how to remove a bracelet from a watch) you could build an audience and make money providing online instruction. You don’t need any expensive equipment – the most basic of video cameras is more than capable of doing the job.

This is one of those opportunities you can have a go at in your spare time, and it will cost you nothing to do. Why not film your own ‘how to’ video, and see how many people go to see it? If nothing else, it will provide valuable market research.

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