Kiddie Keepsakes

Just read about a business set up by a lady called Lindsey Ahmet which could be ripe for copying …(she can’t possibly cope with all the demand)…or for use as a mental springboard to another related idea.

If you’ve had young children at any stage you’ll know that they grow quickly, and they quickly grow out of their baby clothes. Many parents become emotionally attached to their children’s early clothes and are reluctant to part with them. That’s where Lindsey steps in. She provides a service whereby she takes the items of clothing and turns them into something else which can be kept and used for longer. So she uses the items children have grown out of to make stuffed toys and blankets.

Now as I said, no one person can cope with the demand for something like this (Lindsey has a waiting list apparently) because the work is very labour intensive. So there’s probably a market for this right on your doorstep. Thinking more widely, what other all-too-transient items from childhood can be given a new lease of life?