New houses are  getting smaller, and yet we all seem to accumulate more and more stuff. The upshot is that many of us have a storage problem. This has led to a growth in the self-storage sector, but I just heard about a service in the USA which could easily be copied here.

Roost is a web app where users can search  for (and offer) storage space in their locality. Not everyone lives in a small house or have a large family, so in every neighbourhood there are people with more space than they need. Quite often these people would welcome an additional source of income, since large houses cost a lot to run. What the Roost app does is bring together those needing space with those offering space. It’s a classic middle man operation, matching buyers and sellers.

The advantage for the person looking for storage space is convenience (the space is close to where they live) and cost (charges are typically less than for a professional self storage operation.)

I can see no reason why something similar couldn’t work in the UK. Not something you can set up in 10 minutes, but there’s huge potential if it’s done correctly.

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