Signs Of Security

I was driving through an estate near my house last week when I saw a van with a private security firm  livery, parked outside a house. It crossed my mind that this house would be  a whole lot safer from burglars simply by virtue of having that van parked outside. And then I thought…’what if more houses had private security vehicles parked outside?’ And then it dawned on me, – you don’t need the van,  you just need the livery.

Magnetic signs which can be attached to the side of vehicles are relatively cheap to have produced. So imagine you designed up some professional-looking signs and then marketed  them to home owners as a security deterrent they could simply attach to their vehicle parked outside their house every evening.

This is completely untested, but I think there could be a viable business in it. What’s more, it’s something with massive potential in every urban area of the UK.

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