The Six Year Old Entrepreneur

I’ve just watched 6 year old Anya Solomon  James on breakfast TV proving you don’t need a lot of experience to make some extra cash. When Anya wanted some extra pocket money, her mum told her that money had to be earned. Now I’m sure she didn’t do it all on her own (although her Mum swears that the youngster does most of the work herself) but Anya set up Doggie Delights, a business producing dog biscuits. Anya makes her biscuits on Saturday mornings and then delivers to her customers in St Ives over the weekend.

There are a couple of interesting aspects to the enterprise which everyone can learn from:

1 The only promotion is via a Facebook page. Social media is not only accessible to everyone, it’s also free. No other entrepreneurial generation has had that luxury.

2. One of the services Anya provides is to personalise the biscuits with the dogs name. The dog won’t appreciate the personalisation but the person paying the bill will. This is an excellent example of how small enterprises can compete against bigger businesses – by providing additional services which the can’t offer.

The business is only four weeks old and already generating sales of around £30 a week.  There are many would-be adult entrepreneurs who haven’t managed that yet.

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