John Harrison And The Vicar

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the theatre last week (no, really!) and it very briefly revealed the secret of how some people seem to do everything wrong – and yet make millions.

You can get the full story at my latest blog post by Clicking Here.

If you’re still wondering why you haven’t made a lucrative breakthrough (or just want a laugh) take a look now.

Hardly anyone seems to know about this, and yet it’s probably responsible for 97% of the success I’ve had.

Post And Packing Poser

If you sell goods by mail or online, you face the tricky question of how you handle the issue of who pays for postage and packing. A recent survey by research company ComScore may help you to make a decision.

ComScore found that over half of online sales came with free shipping in 2012, and that consumers were coming to expect it as part of the deal. Over 60% of consumers said they would consider cancelling an order if they didn’t get free post and packing. It seems like that ‘plus £3 p&p is off putting and may be losing sales. This was in America, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar here in the UK.

Now I’m sure you’re switched on enough to realise that there’s no such thing as free post and packing. It’s simply a case of how it’s dealt with. The ComScore research would suggest that you will make more money by including post and packaging in the price quoted, rather than highlighting it as a separate item. As with all things like this though, it’s something you really need to test out in your own business.

Photo Profits

It doesn’t seem too long ago that few of us carried a camera around with us. The smart phone revolution changed all that and now everyone’s a photographer. Here’s an opportunity to make money from the snaps you take.

Fizwoz is an online marketplace where you can upload your photos and videos and then offer them to the highest bidder. Most photos seem to go for somewhere between $1 and $5 with around $35 being the limit, so you’re unlikely to get rich from this. But what else are you doing with your photos?  There’s also a facility for publishers to set assignments for members and compete for prize money. If nothing else it seems like good fun, and you never know where it may lead.

Service To Your Door

I admit it, I’m lazy, and one of the things I really hate is having to travel for any kind of service. So I can really appreciate the thinking behind, an American website that helps the consumer find service providers which will come to them.

The site catalogues all manner of service providers with just one thing in common – they don’t expect you to travel to their premises; they come to you. It doesn’t just list the obvious things like hairdressers. There are masseurs, lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, travel agents, tutors, pet services, hypnotherapy, counselling, and car servicing….take a look at the site for a full list.

I’m not sure whether anything like this exists in the UK, but it strikes me as an interesting way to differentiate a website providing access to services used by the public. Speaking as someone who would be very happy if they never had to visit a service provided ever again, I can see this being a huge success.

This Could Be App-Ealing

You don’t have to go back too far (perhaps 2 years) to a time where hardly anyone knew what an app was, but now they’re everywhere. Did you ever wonder where they all come from? Well surprisingly, a lot of them come from ordinary folk with an idea, and now, thanks to a new invention from Google, creating your own apps has become even easier.

App Inventor for Android has been created so that anyone can develop their own smart phone apps. Android is the second largest app source (after Apple) with well in excess of 100,000 apps available. I haven’t tried it myself (not really my thing) but those that have tell me that although it’s easier to use than alternatives like Java, you’ll need a fair amount of time and patience to get it right. It could be worth it though. The best selling apps are downloaded by over a million users. Fifty pence from each of those wouldn’t be bad, now would it?

For further information just tap ‘App Inventor’ into Google.