Capital Growth Hotspots

New research from The Bank of Scotland reveals which cities outside of London have seen the biggest price rises, 2002 to 2012. Do you have investments in these hotspots?

Aberdeen 94 per cent

Inverness, 81 per cent

Bradford, 77 per cent

Dundee, 73 per cent

Perth, 70 per cent

Hull, 68 per cent

Carlisle, 65 per cent

Durham, 65 per cent

Swansea, 58 per cent

Stoke on Trent, 58 per cent

Clearly, if you are a BTL investor you do need to have at least one eye on capital growth – if you had, for example, a BTL investment in Belfast from 202 to 2012 you’d have seen growth of just 3 per cent over that time.