The Melbourne Brothl

No, I haven’t spelled that wrongly. Nor are we suggesting you go into something that’s less than proper. The Brothl company in Melbourne Australia are making money by selling food made from organic waste.

The company have been influenced by the 1930s research of Weston Price which found a relationship between eating food that’s past its best and an improvement in health and immunity from disease. As a result, the restaurant takes food that includes the 40-50 percent of goods considered to be organic waste that it says are perfectly edible.

Brothl concentrates on soups and broths, which enable any harmful bacteria to be boiled away. Ingredients include  rainwater, foraged sea vegetables, stale bread and the bones and carcasses thrown away by other restaurants.  Brothl aims to give customers nutrition that they can’t get elsewhere, while cutting down on food waste by using produce that would otherwise go to landfill.

I’ve a feeling that old, ugly and over-ripe food could become a bit of a niche trend amongst eco-conscious consumers.  Could you bring it to your area?