Get Into The Movie Business For A Pound!

Our old friend Geoff Thompson’s next film looks set to be a stunner – and you can get a slice of the action for less than a pound.

‘Volatile’ is based on the true story of an ordinary burglary with extraordinary consequences. What happens when a man decides to take matters into his own hands and get his possessions back? It was a decision that almost cost him everything.

The film is being financed through Kickstarter and there are benefits to be had at every level of investment – starting at just £1. For just a little bit more cash you can really get involved though, with days on set, background character roles, on screen credits and a whole host of other benefits up for grabs. You can get full details, including a video presentation by the writer, director and  star actors by clicking here.

The people behind this are totally genuine and the script looks a winner. This could be your opportunity to get in at the start of something big for little more than beer money.

CSI Summer Camp

Summer camp has a long and successful history in the United States, but now a  New Jersey company have added a twist. Stockton CSI is a summer camp for students with an interest in forensic science. It’s a fascination which crime shows like CSI have helped to fuel.  Attendees get to try their hand at solving crimes, with realistic tasks set by experts

Events like ‘Murder Mystery’ weekends have attracted an enthusiastic following in the UK for many years. Perhaps now is the time to introduce something a bit more gritty and up to date. There are already plenty of sports and activity based events which take place in school holidays. Maybe there’s a market for something similar, but for children with different interests.