In The Soup

I like businesses that are simple, and it’s for that reason that I like SoupCycle.

This Portland, Oregon based business has one basic product – soup. Each week it delivers one of three pre-selected soups (plus bread and salad) to 150 subscribers. The subscribers select which soup they’d like in the following week on the previous Friday, and then the company purchase the required ingredients over the weekend, cook up the soup on Mondays and commence deliveries on Tuesday’s. Simple.

So far the company has delivered over 10,000 orders for soup at around $18 per order. From the customers perspective, they get a freshly made top quality product delivered to their door. From the company’s perspective, they are able to benefit from economies of scale by keeping their product range to a minimum.

Is this something you could copy or take inspiration from? Perhaps you could duplicate the business wholesale in your area, or maybe there’s some other food product for which you could build up a subscription base for locally. Many businesses fail because they try to be too complicated or clever. Sometimes, less is more.