Local Video Reviews

Here’s an idea which combines two trends…people love to access reviews and they love to watch videos on Youtube. It seems like these are perfect conditions for online video reviews becoming a viable business opportunity. But what do you review?

It could be anything, but my thought here is that a Youtube channel featuring reviews of businesses in a specific locality could build up a regular audience, while being something that a lone entrepreneur could run. Your channel could be called something really imaginative like ‘Rotherham Reviews’ and feature video reviews of restaurants, café’s, pubs take-aways, shop and service providers. Revenue would eventually come from advertisements on the channel.

Whilst I wouldn’t expect one local review site to make a fortune, it could be great fun, combining business with pleasure. And there’s excellent expansion potential. If you can make the ‘Rotherham Reviews’ channel work, why not extend the idea out to ‘Sheffield Reviews’, ‘Doncaster Reviews and so on.