Energy Ice Cream

Energy foods are big business. We’ve all seen Energy Bars and Energy Drinks of course, but there have to be other food categories where a product could be developed and marketed on the basis of its energy giving properties.  There are a wealth of options, but I don’t recall seeing an Energy Ice Cream. Adding the ‘Energy’ element to an Ice Cream could be an interesting and lucrative point of difference.

If you’re interested in getting into  a food or drink production business, this ‘energy’ niche could be a good place to start. The technicalities of it should be pretty easy to research, and if you can create something which has both great taste and energy-giving properties, it will have all the hallmarks of a winner.

This sort of opportunity isn’t for the faint-hearted or the uncommitted but it has millionaire-making profit potential.

I’ll have mine in a cone!